Will corona create a baby boom?

Published by on mars 31, 2020 at 10:11 f m

History often repeats itself and when people stay confided at home it results in a baby boom.
Here are 10 ideas on how to create a baby boom of opportunities.
The current crisis is hitting businesses hard on a global scale yet it also offers opportunities. As Albert Einstein once said: “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity”…so here they are.

10 ideas:

  1. Run a role play at the kitchen table, pretend it is your company’s board table – what decisions will you make today?
  2. Increase your sales with E-sales! Now that customers have canceled a lot of local meetings, they have more time to meet and listen, but in new ways.
  3. Human empathy is also needed in non-crisis. It increases attractiveness and meaning. How can you act more humane as a company, both internally and externally, now and in the future?
  4. How can your company’s behavior change after the crisis? Can working from home become a Friday standard, with AW colleagues in your kitchen? Conferences at home or outdoors?
  5. What three things would you change first if you return to the company as the post crisis CEO?
  6. Create a digital action workshop. In a crisis, people want to do more than just talk.
  7. Create a concrete ”not-to-do list”. When everyone returns full of energy and wants to run in different directions, you can give direction and focus.
  8. Digitization is finally happening for real! Develop a new meeting software that is better than meeting people in real life.
  9. Mother Earth comes into balance when everything is standing still. What else would feel good about standing still?
  10. What more opportunities do you see? Make a list!

    Historically, all crises have passed and, as Einstein said, there are opportunities even in difficult times. Wash your hands and create a baby boom of opportunities.