Why is not India producing any Superbrands?

Published by on april 16, 2011 at 9:50 f m

Recently in India I give an interview for Department of Management Studies, NIT Trichy. Students are open minded and are looking for possibilities. In our discussion we focused on the future of India.

…what I don‟t understand is that why India is not producing any Superbrands and is exporting products outside India. I believe, may be Tata is going to build a brand which might be a Super brand in the future. Many factors are in favour of Tata: Knowledge, Size, shape etc. Now could be the right time for Tatas. Tata can become a window to the Indian culture. For instance Ikea from Sweden may export furniture, but they export Sweden more than the Swedish government. And I believe that Tata can do that for India.
Management magazine AbhiVyakti

It was a really pleasant to discus the future of India with the future. Looking forward to meet students of the AbhiVyakti team in the future.