Watch Simon Anholts Tedtalk: Good is the new way of looking at the world

Published by on augusti 4, 2014 at 10:17 f m

Simon AnholtOver the years I had the honor to get to know Simon Anholt. I always got a sense that Simon got a IQ gift, that could have an effect on the world. After watching his amazing Tedtalk that got over one million views I understand that he is now making that good change that I believe he is here to contribute with.

Watch Simon Anholts Tedtalk. In this speech is Simon elegantly pointing out: Good is the new way of looking at the world!

Policy advisor Simon Anholt has dreamed up an unusual scale to get governments thinking outwardly: The Good Country Index. In a riveting and funny talk, he answers the question, “Which country does the most good?” The answer may surprise you (especially if you live in the US or China).
Simon Anholt,

I hope Simons next book will be named: From Bad To Good.

Thanks to Alex Krause for sending this video link.