Video: Next iPhone corrects design mistake

Published by on april 24, 2010 at 12:04 f m

In this video are the next iPhone model shown.
Finally are Apple correcting one of their biggest design mistakes.

The mistake was to not have a protecting cover to the iPhone.
Today iPhone users are using ugly protections such as socks etc to cover what should be a great design. This video is showing a plastic solution to protect the iPhone and its design.
Not sure if I believe in the “don’t drink and phone” story that is spreading around online (Resumé).
But if it is true, I have for years pointed out that the Apple corporate culture is is the only religion with a locked church. Their “think secret” way of operate kills fan spirit external and make believers internal (employees) to break out of the straitjacket. Employees on the inside who like to connect with their fans have no choice than to bend the rules, in this case it includes drinking.
I think Apple has to open up their church and let consumers in – the key to open the doors is Open Source.