Unwisely used technology can easily become a company’s guillotine

Published by on januari 4, 2006 at 1:20 e m

Gillette has also planted an RFID in some of its products and you may just get an email from your razor in the near future telling you that you need a shave. This isn’t science fiction; it’s corporations using technology unwisely. Today, there are a number of anti-RFID hate sites such as that publicly expose companies that use RFID-technology and call for worldwide boycotts of these companies. These sites often reach such established mass media as Business Week, CNN and Wired.

Everyone loses in this sort of “us and them” thinking.

Instead of waiting for the consumer or spying on them, corporations should open their doors and invite them in to become ONE. Customers can come up with very interesting and creative suggestions that are not only better than those created in-house, but also create considerable PR and increased sales. The reality is that customer who contacts the R&D department is considered a nuisance. Companies should hire diplomatic and open-minded staff full time to handle customer input, especially today when communications have been simplified by Internet and the interaction of “fans of the brand” outside the company. Just like a football match or a live TV show, everyone performs better in front of a cheering audience.
Give your company that advantage and increase the stock value of your company by using ONE.

Update 15 Jan:
Instead of acting as bouncers, lawyers could be more like park rangers who see to it that the forest is kept in balance and is managed correctly.