Transparency can sink unsinkable “Titanic” company

Published by on september 20, 2005 at 8:48 e m

Consumer power has also become a major component in the increasingly sensitive stock market. Positive buzz and enthusiastic consumer support can raise stock prices. A few percentage points can mean billions of dollars for many companies. Three examples of companies that float well with their customers are Dell, Amazon and EBay. In today’s transparent market, bad marketing can sink even the unsinkable “Titanic” company. The question is not when will it sink but when will it be saved by consumer power? Today we have to build boats with consumers to make them float.


Can you mention 5 companies that have been saved by the consumer power and 5 companies that have sank like the “Titanic” company”
Make your list of:
Saved companies 1-5 and
Sink (“Titanic” company”) companies 1-5.