Why 30 millions Chines play piano

Published by on maj 16, 2009 at 10:00 f m

This week I attend at Professor, Tony Fang lecture: Chines new cultural revolution. Tony is from China and are living in Sweden. His lecture was full of historical points connected to emotional memories.

The changing China and the changing world are important sources 
of inspiration for theory re-building in world politics, economy, 
culture, management and society.
Tony Fang

Tony told us that over 30 millions Chines play piano. Why? “The reasons why 30 million children in China play piano is because piano was considered an capitalist evil among other things during Mao’s Cultural Revolution when the entire China saw no piano! Today, piano is part of the new symbols in China’s New Cultural Revolution what we are witnessing today. David Fang would have no chance in China as 30 million children playing!” Tony Fang.

Turn up the volume and take a lock at this video, when David Fang (son to Tony) plays his solo.