Thom Thavenius success at Unplugged Speeches™

Published by on december 4, 2010 at 12:56 e m

Last Thursday the fifth Unplugged Speeches™ took place. This time it had a different speaker, Thom Thavenius. Thom is an ex-employee in both security- and intelligence services and has a unique knowledge in the field of intelligence analysis and strategy development. The audience was full of heavy-waiters as Google, Spotify, Universal Music, Swedbank, Nordea, TV4 and many others.
The goal of the lecture was to discover and learn how the business world could use and learn from secret service. Thom was excellent in delivering knowledge about how to spot patterns and how to use the knowledge internally (marketing, leadership and change management). Thom talked about how leadership in an organization can navigate by understanding and using the best available information there is to get.

We learned not only how to connect the dots in present time but also to map out how to connect the dots in the future.