Third generation rule

Published by on december 10, 2006 at 10:14 f m

Companies strive for having loyal consumers, but what’s in it for the consumers? At the place where I go swimming I did try an idea for a free year now when I am the third generation consumer. The person behind the desk was kind put did not get the point. Then I explained my first point; I have been a costumer here since 1940 when they build the place, for how long have you been here? Still they did say no. This is so strange for me; I now more about the culture of the place than the whole staff working there today. The story of the third generation rule should make consumers “feeding the story” and it would rule the word of swimmers to stay loyal for generations (it not what companies want?).
What do you think about the third generation rule? How many consumers do you think are qualified for the rule globally ore in your country? How many of them in % do you think companies now about? Are you qualified for the rule? What should companies do to make you what to become a consumer for tree generations?