They don’t fake ABBA

Published by on februari 6, 2006 at 12:52 e m

The Swedish super band ABBA have fans allover the world. They have cover band playing there music like the Swedish band Waterlo.
Yesterday I did meet Anni-Frid (Katja Nord). She told me that they are now living on being an ABBA band full time and this year they have been playing for 10 years. Still she feel the passion of playing the songs, and in America the fans where saying “you look so young” they did think they were the original band. They sound and look really great, see and listen to some videos here.
Fans that like a band can be compared with an tribe. The ABBA tribe will not survive with there culture in next generation if not band as Walterloo feed the fan tribe with inspiration.
Is there really any need for the original band, to serve the culture of the tribe? Is the copy working better like this? Could the original ABBA members work together with cover band (in Waterloo they have some of the musicians but could the 4 magic front members play a tribe role?). Which is the best ABBA album and song that you now?
Which are the brand that have the strongest “fan brand” and what are the name for the “cover band”?

Update Feb 9:
The winner fakes it all