Theatre version of Pretty Woman with real prostitutes

Published by on oktober 25, 2008 at 12:02 f m

In next week are the premiere of “Pretty woman A/S” it is the theatre version of the success movie Pretty Woman (1990). The movie made Julia Roberts a superstar now in the theatre version is going to be real prostitutes. The actor that plays Richard Gere are going to go out of the theatre with an film camera out on the streets in Copenhagen, Denmark. The theater is located in a part of town called Vesterbro, where a lot of “real prostitutes” work. The actor will pay them around 200 Euro to talk about their work. The government are now protesting and also the culture establishment.

I often ask my self-why is not theatre full of “real people” that not act but are real. In this case I do understand that it is more than controversial. But the best question would be what will Julia Roberts say about this reality level of here character Vivian Ward?