The Naked Cowboy is dressed with trademarks

Published by on juni 26, 2008 at 12:10 e m

large product photoRobert Bruck is famous for being The Naked Cowboy, standing al year around in Times Squar, New York. People think he is a bimbo because of his naked, but what they don’t see is that he is smartly dressed in trademarks. Corporate America learns this the hard way, in an ongoing battle. The naked; American dream vs. Corporate America.

The naked truth about The Naked Cowboy case: Well, it seems that Mars Inc., the makers of M&Ms, also knows about Robert Burck (The Cowboy’s real name). Burck sued Mars this week for $6 million in federal court in New York. The allegations: trademark infringement under the Lanham Act and violation of his right of publicity under New York Civil Rights Law §51, arising from a video billboard for M&Ms.

This dude is taken nakedness seriously, and now is maybe getting rich doing so. I think soon he can become a movie, because of the American dream now more than ever needs a hero – and he is dressed with the colors.
Listen to his music here, he sings about the conflict and making it a part of his show (cool attitude).