The evolution of journalism is in the hand of the consumers

Published by on oktober 5, 2005 at 9:04 f m

Today the consuming media is changing faster than it is developing. Consumers of media are now more than ever influenced by the development of the evolution of journalism.
The saying “what you see – is what you get” have for a long time been a selling point for companies, but today this saying is also valid for the media. If consumers of media don’t see themselves they won’t believe in the product and therefore also not buy it.
Consumers are not professionals, they are amatures and they have a tendency to dislike what is too professional because it then resembles to perfection and reminds them of what they are not or what they can never have or achieve. Consumers of today are protesting against perfection because they cannot relate to it. That is one big reason for why blogs are a hit. Today blogs are growing as a big source providing news and many of my friends who have blogs say that they enjoy reading news on blogs more because the news and events are reported in a more private and personal fashion and therefore also experienced as more private by the readers.
In places like Iraq this line between amateurs and professionals is an invisible grey zone where the reporters can’t get access to the same places as the amateurs do. The “word on the street” is taking its place in media and soon we will see more amateurs as news reporters. Can your neighbor be the next winner of The Pulitzer Price of the amateur journalist category? Maybe CNN and other news agencies will soon run ads where they are looking for amateurs to be unprofessional journalist?
What do you prefer? Professional or amateurs? Or maybe collaboration between them, working hand in hand? Do see you self in the big picture of CNN? If media is a mirror can you see yourself in it?
Don’t take me wrong I do like professional journalism.