The dilemma of genius like Steve Jobs

Published by on februari 1, 2011 at 12:25 e m

According to an interesting article in Newsweek the business world is full of bureaucratic executive clones. Few people have studies genius over time (most of the studies are after-reconstructions). It seems like the author of this article has done an excellent work in both meeting genius as Steve Jobs and analyzing his development and struggle to become the legend he is today.

It is surprisingly difficult being a genius in corporate America. Unbridled (mostly) capitalism makes it possible for a unique few to take an idea, turn it into a company—and, every once in a while, change the world.
Management Profesor Jeffrey A. Sonnenfeld

Analyzing Steve Jobs must be like following a blind man who always find his way to success (I mean there was nothing for Steve Jobs to see when his genius started to build Apple Inc.).

Personally I believe that nature gives and takes – if you get more of one gift nature will balance it in other gifts (of course with some exceptions).