Tendensdagen: Honesty, pirates and simplicity rules

Published by on oktober 24, 2008 at 9:42 f m

Yesterday I was at Tendensdagen, one of the leading seminar days in Scandinavia. The day started of with and speaker that did know how to provocative and deliver points in a way that shocked the audience, professor in innovation, Alf Rehn from Finland (free download his book The Scholar’s Progress). We have never ever seen a speaker from Finland act in that way. He pointed out that he found is a fan of Apple and 2-3 month before the iPhone was released he found copies of the iPhone in China. The copy of the iPhone where even better than the original (better software etc). When he did contact the pirates how copying products they where complaining about that the original brands where to slow to innovate so they are now starting to develop there own innovation department.

The rest of the day was focusing on that brands now need to become honest and that simplicity rules. But the king of the day was from Finland, and he liked Apple.