Swimming bloggers float better on the internet

Published by on augusti 11, 2006 at 1:29 e m

Summertime and swimming is a good combination. Swimming and bloging is perfect combination in my experience. What I mean is that when I swim al my creative thinking is so good processed, that swimming save me time. After swimming an hour, I have at least one weeks work done. Don’t tell this to my consulting client for they will then only pay me for swimming (but it would be quite cool to be a professional swimmer).

Water is a perfect think tank for open minds in a transparent market.

Here is a way for you to make your swimming time to become “a creative water workshop:”

Public swimming pools are often divided into a number of lanes based on different activities: training, exercise, instruction, diving, etc. The customers are the ones that make the system work. They all have different needs, yet they all share the same water. Here there are endless parallels with the marketplace.

I don’t take responsibility for your safety ore others around in the swimming pool. But it would be great to read your test report from the water workshop.