Swedish relation jamming is the mother of open source – Finland is the father

Published by on februari 17, 2006 at 9:15 f m

In Sweden is an open mind for relations. People here get married and separate faster than any ware in the world (that I now about). The result is families with parent’s responsibilities in 2-7 families. And for the kids it means that they can grow their mindsets in the same way as the Linux-fans are doing. This open source families is a Swedish way of relation jamming (we do need to stay warm in an cold place as Sweden). The magic father of Linux: Linus Torvalds did start the process as a student in Finland – do think he got inspired of the open source way of living in the neighbor country Sweden.
In my family we are 3 brothers al with different fathers (my mom doesn’t read blogs – I hope).
Start the jamming here.