Stealing cars with advertising

Published by on december 23, 2008 at 7:31 f m

Did here about the latest innovation in how thief’s steel cars, so watch out when Christmas shopping. This is how it works: You leave the mall, open your car and then when you back out of the parking you see that someone has put adverting on your back window, you open the door and go out and remove it (so you can have an clear view out of the window – and also see what it is). Then the car thief jumps in to your car and drive away.

How say advertising don’t are effective anymore? It would be effective if it were advertising for car insurance (but an bit cynical).

The latest innovation on steeling cars is as always based on that today’s cars are too hard to steel if the owner is not there and open it (the lock technology is to good). So what could be getter than having the owner start the car, back it out and leave the car? Valet parking?