Sharkonomics makes its début in China

Published by on februari 16, 2016 at 12:40 e m

In a land rich with culture and one of the longest recorded human histories, my book Sharkonomics is now swimming amongst a billion readers. It’s humbling and amazing to see Sharkonomics translated into Chinese—a beautiful language—and designed and presented in such a clean-cut way. My hope is that it will inspire Chinese business people in both attack and defence—and they may find the ideas easy to embrace, like the principles of their martial arts. Since China is such a great country which I have yet to visit, my hope now is to hold lectures about Sharkonomics, meet interesting people there, and experience the uniqueness of this land.


Update 19 September, 2016
Press clip: Sharkonomics in Chinese magazine Modern Weekly.

Update 22 August, 2017
Sharkonomics, has sold almost 10.000 copies in China.

Update 21 November, 2017
A lucky red packet—Sharkonomics’ Chinese edition is out now. Edition in Complex Chinese that is available in Taiwan, Hong Kong.

Update 7 November, 2018
Two Chinese press clips for Sharkonomics (biting into Apple and Ikea).

Update 1 Mars, 2019
Second edition of Complex Chinese Sharkonomics is out now.

Update 18 May, 2020
斯蒂芬·安吉瑟斯 Stefan Engeseth Keynote Speaker at the leading speaker agency in China / The China Speaker Bureau.