Shark attack in Almedalen

Published by on juli 4, 2017 at 8:30 f m

In Almedalen, there will be a shark attack focusing on how we can change and inspire a sustainable future where changed behavior and digital technology can help us make the right decisions.
The Sustainable Innovation boat in Almedalen last year got 3,000 visitors. This year will our Stefan be in the program on 4/7 during a innovation evening:

Think outside the cage. Bite into the future
The game about thinking outside the box – when a new and sustainable system can take place. With humor and innovation, we create new business ideas with relevant customer benefits about sustainable behaviors and digital technology. Join our contest, maybe you are the winner and may borrow a personal digital assistant named Alexa.
Stefan Engeseth, Business Developer,
Companies participating on the boat during the week: White, Riksbyggen, Toyota, Intel, etc. (Google translation).