Sell tomorrow today (innovation idea for Google)

Published by on januari 28, 2011 at 12:10 f m

Today are millions people using online calenders to synchronize our twenty-four hours, even if we have digital support we cannot get enough hours to manage our life. Wouldn’t it be great if Google Calender could offer increased life quality, more hours and make millions at the same time?

Imagine that you today in your calender write that your family will travel to Las Vegas or Paris. How much would it be worth for you to not need to spend days in searching for all the travel information that is needed for this trip? For Google AdWords it is worth millions. With a connection to the calender all your future could be searchable. If Hertz would like to rent you a car it would be too late if you already today reserved a car that will wait for your family when you arrive. There is no question if advertisers will pay for AdWords in your calender – only how much they will pay. In other words no need to go to Yahoo and make a search – when answers are served in your personal Google calender. The market value of being number 1 is simple to make a deal or not! Google and others have been questioning in how much they are commercializing privacy. If they offer consumers added value to make every twenty-four hours to become 30 hours, then people will be more keen to accept more information.

If they created a scale from 1 to 10 so people can choose how much information they want to receive. 1 can be no information 2 travel information and 3 can be suggestions for how to discover new values where you live. 4 can be different choices to create meeting where on places you plan to go – connection done with Google Earth. 5-7 can be more personal and be on an coaching level. 8-10 can be to change your life in an level that can be compared with the movie The Game (where reality and fiction is mixed to challenge your personality to develop).

Advertisers could then match their offers with the behaviors of millions of people choose to move and travel. As an example can constructors offer repairs of home and cars when their costumers are traveling. Home service offers when the timing is good.

Costumers today know their value and with above scale they have the power to choose how many hours they would like to get out of the trip, life and everyday life. In other words, get paid in life quality for open up for information.

Making money of privacy is not the idea. Instead the idea is not to let advertisers to know who you are – only to connect behavior with offers. And let consumers have the power to control information level and start to consume if they chose to do so.