Fans vs. insiders

Published by on december 1, 2009 at 10:17 f m

What is loyalty? Is it inside ore outside an corporation? When employes does not believe in their leaders they feel more loyal to the fan community outside the corporation. is an fantribe that get news stuff long before media. Here is how they point out their fans vs. insidersrelation:

Are you an insider with a confidential tip-off? Djup Strupe (it’s Swedish for ‘deep throat’) is the name given to the collected group of people who have inside knowledge of the company and don’t mind passing a little of it on for responsible use by a passionate and true-hearted website. Your anonymity is guaranteed.

In hard economic times it is easy to get insiders to spread secret information to fans how believe in their future (a leadership that fires employes are not trusted, but fans are emotional more connected). What is loyalty? It is not something that can be measured ore achieve by paying employes salary.
Instead leaders could creating an tribe of believers inside and outside the corporation, loyalty has an foundation to stand on in good and bad times.