Retro branding

Published by on mars 30, 2009 at 9:15 f m

There is nothing new, nothing old, only out of date package. Back in 1932 did Harry Roberts start to produce radios. 77 years later they are more modern than ever. Why? They understand that nothing need to be new ore old to be trendy, the package of the brand only have to start working with retro branding. The Swedish site of Roberts Radio gets it but the original site don’t. Its so classical if a brand have had a really good selling point they stop to see it for them self. Consumer see what they know, what’s already in the brain is what the brain detect easily. That is exactly why I believe in retro branding, package brand values into our present times is good business.

I really like the design of their radios, classical but in an modern package (my brain now that).