Ralph Nader: A sustainable force for earth

Published by on september 26, 2010 at 2:04 e m

I attended Ralph Nader´s lecture. He is an amazing person – I would say that he is a sustainable force for earth. His life time achievement started long time ago when corporations did not listen to ethics and did not know what green wash is. Today are sustainability trendy. But back then during the days in the States when he started his long journey it could not have been a walk in the park.
I wish heros like Ralph Nader could live at least 500 years so he could change the world for 500 years. His work and books will work as change agents for eternity, as his latest book Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us!.

When ever I meet big thinkers I ask them the same question: Why not create a new economic system? In short Nader pointed out the problem with our system today in two words: Greed and power!

Some of Ralph Nader´s best points:
• It is what you do not buy, that is important.
• Green washing: Lip-service is often the first sign.
• Publish your best practice (read: spread knowledge).
• Shifting the focus to the end-users.

Audience question: What would you have done if you become President?
Nader: Shifting the power to people.

Never have I heard a prominent authority from the states being so critical about the states. Nader pointed that:
• United states is a third world country by western standards.
• Usama bin Ladin alone has created more jobs than six presidents (read: Terrorism is big business).

There were no lip-service or BS delivered at this lecture, only a pure sustainable force for earth.

Thanks to the facilitator of this great seminar: Legendary marketing Professor Evert Gummesson at Stockholm University where the lecture was arranged.