Public record at Sharkonomics webinar for AmCham

Published by on maj 19, 2020 at 1:57 e m

Recently I had the honor of holding a keynote/workshop for AmCham (American Chamber of Commerce in Sweden) I felt privileged to have nearly 100 people attend from Mastercard, Spotify, Klarna, Pfizer, KPMG, Ericsson, Autoliv, Getinge, Hitachi, and others watching from Germany, Mexico and the United States etc.

Stefan, thank you for a thought-provoking session on Sharkonomics.
Managing Director, Peter Dahlen, American Chamber of Commerce in Sweden

What I found most interesting, was that there were so many more questions than at a normal lecture. It seems that many dared to ask more challenging questions, since they were not seen in person. Many of the questions were about how to move from weakness to strength, and attack stronger in both disciplines – My guess is that, the quarantine is giving many time to self reflect. Hopefully my shark answers will get them moving forward, and have them taking action with the inspiration of Sharkonomics.

Some of the sharpest questions:
How can businesses find new waters to fish in during the pandemic?
Where do you see blindspots while swimming with sharks like Amazon and Apple? How do you analyze and find these blindspots?
What’s your best recommendation on how to compete in e-commerce with tha digital shark Amazon?
Great questions move minds just like the Great White Shark.

I feel humble to represent the knowledge developed by sharks over 420 miljon of years.

Specially thanks to AmCham, United Spaces and Four PR.