Profitable New Year’s resolutions

Published by on januari 10, 2013 at 12:34 f m

The gyms are crowded with New Year’s resolutions. The human body is working hard to get in in shape for summer’s sunny beaches. Can companies create an equally energetic change with the help of New Year’s resolutions?

After the holidays when the batteries are charged alot of the recharged energy is spent on overcrowded gyms. What if we could use that recharged energy to encourage businessesdevelopment? Instead of putting the energy on reshaping our bodies the organizations can use the energy to make new year’s resolutions in terms of new marketing and business plans. But some people may think no, why should people gather at crowded workplaces and shed sweat at the office floors?  A gym membership is enough as a new year’s resolution. Whether new plans or a new gym card, both reassure that something new is going on for the summer.

We like to view ourselves as personal trainers at office instead of the gym. As personal trainers we have received assignments on workshops with companies in order to help them put their marketing and business plans into action 201. Why don’t you also join the growing movement of creating profitable New Year’s resolutions and take a larger bite of the market. Get fit to take a larger bite!

Right now we offer our blog readers the opportunity to come in business shape in what we call workshops in 2013 for the fixed price of 2013 x ambition = Workshops 2013. Contact Stefan for more information (price offer valid only Jan / Feb 2013).

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