Photos by Chris Fallows make Sharkonomics jump high in presentations

Published by on september 1, 2012 at 12:09 e m

What I miss in today’s perfect digital photos is passion and a relation between the photographer and the objects they are catching. Chris Fallows has so much passion for the Great White Shark that I believe people will fall in love in this great creature when they see his magic photos. In my Sharkonomics lectures, I talk about business based on the Great White Shark’s fantastic nature and purpose to reveal how to increase business results. I also want my audience to fall in love with the Great White Shark. Therefore I am enormously thankful to get permission to share Chris Fallows’ photographs in my presentations when holding Sharkonomics lectures.

In my opinion he is the best photographer of the Great White Shark in the world. He is so good that no one knows who is number two! But Chris is humble and would never say he is the best, just that he would say that he had more opportunities to shoot (he has studied several thousand live attacks).

Chris Fallows is one of the world’s leading experts in Great White Shark behaviour. His work is regularly featured on the Discovery Channel, BBC, National Geographic and Animal Planet. He is the author of Great White: the Majesty of Sharks.

Check out Chris and Monique Fallows’ magic photographs.