ONE new multi billion business idea for the war industry to work for peace and profit 2006

Published by on december 31, 2005 at 1:43 e m

Bono has become a rock & roll angel that not only sings; he makes a difference in the world.
But what if he should talk more with the devil in his struggle in the Evil vs. Good. Than he could get more effect out of his contribute to make a diffrens.

If Bono sings for the war industry U2 going to love it

The devil is crying over the peace situation, business is going down. In most of the CEO´s speeches from the war industry’s are complaining over the fact that the cold war is over. In my opinion they can easily get in to new multibillion business by changing the purpose to deliver goodness instead of working for the devil. Today military don’t work as well as they could do if they develop peace products. Why not a military that could effective help in nature disaster as tsunami or Katrina. They did not need guns. But maybe they could develop a missile that would destroy the tsunami way? I think there is many creative consultants how want to work for the devil if they like to become good (wouldn’t you?).
Al the great power and resources of the military can bee used for a good purpose and with good profit.

Today’s green soldiers are going to learn that tomorrows
“peace army” are only green like the dollar.

The war industry is superior technical level and why not save work and makes profit by doing the right thing? To get the right start they could listen to Bono singing ONE song:

“One love
One blood
One life
You got to do
What you should”