ONE ice breaking cash machine for Absolut Vodka

Published by on januari 23, 2006 at 12:47 e m

To be a hot brand you need to be ice cold! Wherever we did go in London they recommended the Ice Bar at Belowzero in London. The vibes/buzz around this place was so strong that there was no choice. After arriving it felt like a “surprise party” only for my friend Roland. The director Roger Van Hooft did show us around, with a great attitude and strong passion for his staff and concept. His wife is Swedish (also a Swedish export success).
The Swedish brand Absolut Vodka and the Ice Hotel is working together to build this Ice bar. The ice could workers in the bar told us that they have 6000-8000 visitors a WEEK! That is an ice breaking cash machine. It is a great way of making the costumer to be ONE with the brand. Their brand has made history by being brave and creative. To make history like this, you need the right people, clear vision and an ice-cold management that let people be brave (to do what never been done before).
I guess it was now random that the Absolut Vodka team found the great personality Roger Van Hooft running a trendy place in London, with a Swedish wife. When it comes to management at restaurants a transparence be twin leaders and the attitude of the service persons. This attitude makes an experience for the costumers how then send the vibes/buzz out to other consumers. This was the reason why we did not have a choice, than to follow the vibes to the Ice bar. Internal attitudes build brands from the inside and out. This is also the ONE reason why consumers could stand in the Absolut Vodka bottle in the Ice bar (se photo above).
Next time you go to a restaurant, ask them why they have good service (are they educated to now how to have an good attitude ore is it a gift)? Can Absolut Vodka be a so strong brand today that they can do a flavor with no alcohol in? Is the evolution level of new great places like above and Cocoon, that make London ONE of the best places to go back to?