Not understanding is the easiest form of knowledge

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Work consciously to create an atmosphere where everyone is comfortable. Use humor. Do not let the meeting become a forum for grievances. It is so much easier to criticize the ideas and suggestions of others, than it is to come up with your own new ways of thinking. Concentrate on tomorrow. Conflicts can be productive and sometimes it’s necessary to point out the impossible in someone else’s idea. For the most part, however, this is counter-productive. When someone in the group gets a rush of creativity, a flood of ideas will come pouring forth to the entire group. Ask questions, but don’t be condescending; that person is at his or her most vulnerable. Lift instead of dampen. Utilize his or her creative energy. Who knows what is possible the moment an idea is born? Let the meeting flow like a jazz jam session, where everyone is given a solo. The business community needs more jazz!
A meeting that bubbles with enthusiasm and new ideas is magic, like falling in love. Don’t let egos get in the way of the feeling. The more you acknowledge each other’s ideas, the more your results will improve. Collective intelligence is greater than that of the individual and besides, who wants to dance alone?

“Not to know is wonderful”

Praveen Tripathi
Former CEO, Starcom India and media director P&G
in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong

If there are participants at the meeting that see only problems, give them time. If they still are unable to adapt to this new way of thinking, they should perhaps be excluded from these meetings. Discuss where they might make a more meaningful contribution and feel more satisfied. No one feels good about constantly having to raise objections. Be firm without stepping on anyone’s toes.
Judgments that hamper magic and love in creativity also dampen motivation. Wake the love of creativity and your enthusiasm will carry you towards your goals.
Ask questions and try to understand each other’s ideas to allow the group to grow. Let the ideas create the content. Become a chameleon of the meeting who plays a number of different roles. If you have a tendency to be too verbal and domineering you can ask the other participants questions to encourage them to be more active. Put value on silence; silence can also be very creative. Seek chaos and confusion. Seek movement. Just say no to passive coffee sipping.
You’ll soon find a format that you feel comfortable working with. Look at change as a long-term process with many steps. You can’t accomplish everything in one single meeting. You are the only expert on what form your meeting will take. Discuss what tomorrow should look like.
Remember, it is the combination of sun and rain that causes a seed to grow.
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