Nokia + Apple = Steve Jobs (new CEO at Nokia)

Published by on oktober 27, 2010 at 9:54 f m

Steve Jobs is a genius with not much more to prove at Apple. How would you motivate your self as Steve Jobs if you were to speak at yet one more keynote. It’s time for some new challenges.
Nokia is left behind when it comes to softwares and other development, Apple’s iPad opened a new market, which Nokia can’t compete with. Their leadership is weak, CEOs are fired and talents are leaving. Regardless of the situation, Nokia is the largest producer of mobile-phones in the world.
Apple is enormously creative compared to Nokia, but the Finns are stronger in technology, organization and production. In other words, in my opinion they are the perfect unique match. Why? Sony and Ericsson did match up to meet competition better. Now the market is much more complex, Internet is moving to become mobile in a level we’ve never seen before, the iPad is only the first signal of that evolution.
If Steve Jobs would stand up at the next Keynote declaring he’s the new CEO of Nokia Apple fans would believe he was joking (or gone crazy). Then when he’d start to speak some words in Finnish and they’d stop laughing.

Strategy is to make the unthinkable doable.

When Steve Jobs starts to work as CEO at Nokia, all other brands in the IT sector are going to panic. Why? They will understand that big things are going to happen, but they won’t know what. So they will spend enormous sums of money in developing a lot of meaningless product-development that will only make them weaker.
They will fear that Apple and Nokia will merge into “Applia.”
But what Steve Jobs should start with is to save Nokia from bad leadership. And when that is done, to save Apple from too much creativity, which can be done by combining it with the structured organization that Nokia’s team can offer.
When Steve Jobs comes back to Apple at the next Keynote and pronounces that he’s going to combine the strengths of Nokia and Apple and they’re going to be enormous. At that Keynote he then will be able to continue by presenting new products and softwares that changes everything in IT, mobile, television, music, movies and even shopping (online and offline). And the best of all is that this will be the first time that he can deliver directly around the globe, so competition will be totally left behind.
If and when this is done, fans can do more than believe – they can buy into the future in technology (that otherwise would be for sale only after their kids have grown up).