New business field: Time

Published by on juli 30, 2009 at 10:59 f m

The most valuable time in life is time.
Even more valuable than gold.
So why is not the business world making and selling time?
Well making life longer is already big business. Why? Because of big demand and there is no one alive to complain if it doesn’t work.
A more serious part of digging gold in the time business field is softwares. Here are some ideas: Making softwares that lets users of electronic massage take control over their time. Why not make an email software application that allows users to send their email when they want it to be sent. It could be compatible with calender softwares. This means that you can send an email to people when you like them to have it and not when you write it. Simple but useful. Like now in the summer it is more ore less waste of time to send email you only end-up in the on vacation time (instead by controlling time you can write welcome back from vacation). In organizations that operate in an need to know bases will this work perfect because of it will take it to the level the level: Need to know when you need to know it!
For SMS it would be useful for parents to get kids attention exactly at the right time.
In other words by adding value in controlling time it will and is an business field wort billions for does how offer added value to time. So what are you waiting for time is money, big money.