Mirror demands make Dove lie about consumer’s age

Published by on maj 24, 2007 at 10:43 f m

I do admire Dove for putting real people in there ads. They say that the photos are not retouched and it is the truth we are seen. But at the same time I heard from good sources that they do retouch the photos. They have taken away things that they don’t think people like to see (if you look at them you don’t really see any ugly think, just more shapes). They say it is a thin line for what consumers consider real people (they mean real fake). The reason they do this is that there is a demand for what we like to see in the Dove brand mirror. We like to see ourselves as we are (beautiful and not ugly beautiful). The beauty industry has been faking everything for so long that they don’t know how to be real. Some of my sources say that they don’t think the not retouched photos would sell Dove. Well with the words “Dove is pro age are you?” They shore need get it a 100% real behind the brand ore more it will soon in the consumer version become “Dove is pro age ling are you?”Campaign for real fake beauty.” I don’t want this and consumer doesn’t need more fake. Dove says, “Does beauty have an age limit?” no but consumers have a fake limit.