Michael Jackson’s moonwalk to Neverland

Published by on juli 8, 2009 at 12:12 f m

Growing up as black kid in Sweden at 1970s was nice but it was whiter than snow. Then Michel Jackson came along as a my brother. Michael was singing and dancing in a way that got the snow melted into acceptance for an mixed world. We ware at the same age, dancing Off the Wall. He was making the world smaller and bigger with music, it felt like the Apollo Theater was in Sweden ore where ever else Michael would be melting snow. Now his gone they say. I say that he lived his life backwards as if he were living in an moonwalk, that started grownup and ended as a kid. It felt as my brother Michael Jackson now has moonwalk him self back to his own Neverland. Thank you brother, I hope we meet, dance again.
His music will live forever and so will your memories of his legacy if you write it on