Matilda Wendelboe is dressing up Cradle to Cradle

Published by on juni 25, 2010 at 1:44 e m

A small group of friends of friends met up this week to have an exclusive personal fashion show with clothes designer Matilda Wendelboe. I did not know before I attended that she had the ambition to produce and work with the Cradle to Cradle concept. But since the organizer of this event was Stuart Pledger I should have understood that it would have something to do with environmental thinking. Stuart is so passionate about sustainability that he spontaneously dressed up as a model this evening.
For designer Matilda Wendelboe, the textiles clothes are made of is like delicious vintage wine and she is the wine expert full of history and knowledge about each type of material. Her design is sensual and feminine with strong colors which matche nature. She is also now starting to design clothes for men – so we don’t need to look like were dressing up for an funeral anymore.
The genius inventor of the concept of Cradle to Cradle Design is Dr. Michael Braungart. I have a strong feeling Dr. Michael soon will be dressing up in Matilda Wendelboe’s wonderful fashion.