Made in America

Published by on oktober 27, 2006 at 11:19 f m

Sadly most criticism of America as like the American brand Heinz is working, first nothing then al of it is coming. Too many people are criticizing America and are not seeing al the great things that are coming from over there. That’s why I did read the book Made In America, it was a really fun and reading. Especially since I like to now more about the American culture. If you look at products you can more ore less tell if the company how produced them are creative, have a cool corporate culture ore if you like to work there. That is the same thing with Made In China, Made In Sweden etc and Made In America is making me want to be a part of al the fantastic products that America has produced over the years.
The story behind products is really nice; even if I don’t believe many of them I love them. Like the ONE of the shoe manufacture “Bass” where the wife of the boss kissed every par of shoes goodbye that leaved the shop. In no country on this planet are they as good at building stories as in America. The book is also full of smarts product like the Bazooka Joe; costumers did get gum instead of penny as change when buying other things and of course more than gum… If you read this book you will see the connection in why American cars look like they do and why was invented in America and not could been done some ware else. Did see the book on that it is for special price of $2.99 (you wont get Bazooka Joe on your change money – but a great book).