Valentine day sponsored by the government

Published by on februari 14, 2009 at 7:14 e m

In Singapore are the government serious about get their low fertility up to an higher level. To get people to meet they are sponsoring dating corporations and also are having their own government date site:

LoveByte’s Mission: We believe in our mission of promoting marriage among singles and inculcating positive attitudes towards marriage among all singles in Singapore to achieve strong and stable families in Singapore.

It dead seriously, if a small place like Singapore don´t get enough people to get kids, Singapore will not be as successful as it has been, it will lose its attraction economical and  social. It most be nice for a lot of people to have their valentine day 365 days a year, and sponsored by the government. They even inspire smart people to get kids with smart people so they get more kids that are smart. Ethically that is not accepted by a lot of cultures. But what do you call University town? A place for smart people to study, date and get smart kids in…

A Different Kind of Homework for Singapore Students: Get a Date.