avatar vs. Second Life

Published by on juli 19, 2008 at 3:20 e m to compet with Secound Life with their own I think they soon will connect your social avatar with Google Earth and let you travel in space and earth to new places. Soon will the avatar worlds and real words come together as ONE (that will improve the profit for with at least 99 times than today).
Google gets ONE, they ask users for suggestions to develop and improve Lively. Some of their questions: Increase compatibility, Improve existing features and Add new features and for the users it only to click on “suggest it.” Why haven’t car companies as GM build in this in their cars? The consumers are sitting in the product and testing it al day and night.

See the new avatar, before it says hello to you on bloggs, communites etc.

A while ago, I looked around the social web and wished that it could be less static. Sure, you can leave a comment on a blog or write a text blurb on your social networking profile. But what if you want to express yourself in a more fun way, with 3D graphics and real-time avatar interactions? I started asking this question as a 20% project, and I’m excited to announce today’s release of Lively by Google – a 3D virtual experience that is the newest addition to Google Labs.
Niniane Wang, Engineering Manager, (7/08/2008)