Lego + IKEA = millions of new stores

Published by on juni 9, 2008 at 10:10 f m

IKEA got 231 stores in 24 countries. So fare so god, but why not expand with millions of stores al over the world?
Fans as invite politicians and even the fonder of IKEA Ingvar Kamprad to get them to open local IKEA stores. Some times they are successful, but it takes to long time. If they instead work a company as Lego they could design an IKEA store. Putting things together is what both Lego and IKEA are about, that’s one of the reasons why parents name their kids IKEA and Lego. The Lego version of the IKEA store can be design in a way that if you buy 10 of them it’s going to be 10 times bigger than one. It can be so big that you can put your IKEA furniture in the house and even open a real store (and sell your own IKEA furniture).
For the fans how want a local IKEA store is it easy to visualize it, only buy it in Lego build it and invite the local politicians – post in with photos on blogs build your local tribe and get the local news to write about your new store. Last step is to get the Indian chief Ingvar Kamprad to open the real store or at least by something in your IKEA-Lego store (maybe used Billy?).