Lecture with DDBs Chairman Emeritus Keith Reinhard “The Last Mad Man”

Published by on februari 14, 2012 at 7:49 e m

Yesterday I attended an exclusive lecture with the DDBs legendary Chairman Emeritus Keith Reinhard called “The Last Mad Man.” Keith is one of the few last (but young) people who actually was around when the smartest advertising in the world was created by Bill Bernbach. His lecture was inspiring and passionate in passing on Bill Bernbach’s creative legacy. I spent enormous of time doing research for my books, Keith does not need that, he is a library of books walking on two legs. Two books I would like to read if he writes them:
Das Advertising (about Volkswagens collaboration with DDB, take the slogan “Das Auto” and explain how advertising drove this brand and changed advertising for others to follow their wheel rut).
Creativity: Whats up? (about Keith’s unique and modern view on creativity in advertising and the creation of the non created space called creativity with a connection to the DDBs Budweisers campaign “What’s up?”).

Bill Bernbach once said that properly practiced creativity can make one ad do the work of ten. I suggest that in the future, properly practiced creativity will require the smart and skillfull re-integration of storytelling and brand building skills we learned from Bernbach with the amazing feats we can accomplish with the new technologies.”
Chairman Emeritus Keith Reinhard, DDB World Wide (Quote from Keith’s speech notes)

Thanks to Carl Wåreus, CEO, DDB Sweden for the invitation.