Is Sweden a Disney Land?

Published by on september 16, 2006 at 10:48 f m

Spending this a summer home in Sweden was really nice; since I cant remember a more sunny summer. It also interesting to talk with tourist and guide visiting friends, they always see thinks I miss for I live here. Outsiders are not home blind and see more dimensions of the same thinks you miss because you now too much. It is the same good “not now dimension” as consumers are having, and they are consuming Sweden (ore your country). Walk around with them and you will find new opportunities and dimensions.

Do we go away to come home?

Did talk with some American tourist, they al did almost always say the same thing: “Everything is so clean and organized, its unreal. Sweden gives me a strange feeling of being home at Disney Land.” They pointed out the safe feeling being out at night in cities like Stockholm.

If Disney Land was a country, should then Mickey Mouse be the president?

The Americans made me think about Swedish brands like Volvo and Saab that has develop some of the safest car in the world. Why? We do have so much safety already in Sweden, but we do have some moose lose and a weather that changes faster than you can turn your car around. This need for safety is here still even if we haven’t been to a war nearly sense the Vikings got old. Safety is a big part of the Swedish culture.
Compare country cultures and corporate cultures where is the biggest connections?