Is Google buying Internet?

Published by on oktober 11, 2006 at 9:59 f m

Well maybe not the hole but yesterday Google purchase, what’s next Nothing wrong with big is getting bigger. Most time it loses its underground power with a big owner, but Google has a lot of good “rot values” in its brand.

If Google works closer with consumers and less with technology they could develop Internet 7.0 in 3 mounts!

People love people but are they finding each other with Google? I think people search of each other in different ways with Google and eBay ore at the local bar; we shop and consume each other. Did a post about how this could develop: From Google Earth to Google Globe Traveling. It is getting thousands of readers each moth since I post it in April.
Internet 3.0 is growing to be more a community building its own society, and some of the 3.0 sites are growing faster than Google. That is one of the reason they did buy YouTube. When you’re big as Google and consumer’s behavior change, it sometimes cost $1.65 billion, to catch up (what will it cost to get to Internet 7.0)?