iPhoneCafé free coffee to early adopters

Published by on januari 31, 2008 at 8:48 f m

Free Internet in an environment of high class designed furniture at iPhoneCafé. It is in Stockholm and it’s for early adapters of iPhones. Even before it is out in Sweden people are addicted to this magic phone. It has already become a culture in how to unlock the iPhone (do you see the card in their picture?).

Update: 2 February: After this post did the iPhoneCafé sold out everything in 3 hours. This Photo is Apple coffee cool.

Update: 17 February: Buy an iChari and get an iPhone for free! It is a 16GB 1.1.3 model iPhone and you get it for free if you buy a chair… That’s cool and that made in pure passion from early adopters.