iPhone vs. Stockholm Syndrome

Published by on december 13, 2009 at 11:18 f m

When you are in love, your blind. iPhone users are both blind and deaf. Personally my love for Apple is more of the old kind. The kind when you see and hear if its a good ore bad deal to buy an Apple product. In the computer field is the evolution mowing slowly. But when they introduced the iPhone iPredicted that they will swim in shark water (having a product that are bleeding/performing bad are only attracting more sharks). Some of my friends are hard core Apple fans they don’t understand why I not are using iPhone. It is simply because iPhone is not deliver what I demand from an mobile. Some users don’t use their iPhone as an mobile they only use it as an iPod. Why? Love is blind and deaf. Take a look on this warm welcome of criticism:

iPhone users are suffering from delusion akin to Stockholm Syndrome, says Strand Consulting in a weird little slice of research released this morning by this particular team of generally anti-iPhone analysts.

When we examine the iPhone users’ arguments defending the iPhone, it reminds us of the famous Stockholm Syndrome – a term that was invented by psychologists after a hostage drama in Stockholm. Here hostages reacted to the psychological pressure they were experiencing, by defending the people that had held them hostage for 6 days.
Strand Consulting

A point that they totally are missing is what I did find in my research for over 10 years: If a company have bad quality products (read iPhone) but over time improving it to good quality – they will have an stronger relation to their consumers than if it was perfect from start. Why? Some will say that perfect is boring. That may be an point but I will say that brands are like friends, real friends you can disagree with but still be friends it is an sort of relation insurance. This kind of friendship is what IKEA did offer us – from bad quality to legendary world domination by improving quality. If Apple should do the same they need to update their strategy.

So when will I by an iPhone? Never if it is not deliver my basic need as an mobile user.