iPhone me Steve Jobs

Published by on januari 10, 2007 at 2:16 e m

Finally Apple is answering a long distance call from their consumers and introducing the iPhone. Steve Jobs is a great speaker but for a long time he had not any real Apple news to speak about. One manager at Apple did ask me: “Why are you so critical about Apple?” I did answer that it’s not Apple I am worried about it’s their fans. And with iPhone the fans finally has something to believe on in the Apple church.
Watch Apple CEO Steve Jobs (a master speaker) introduce the iPhone with one-liners “Today on we are selling 5 millions song a day.” Steve says that they always have hard competition. I think that is not the fact yet, but now when they finally are moving from computers to mobiles they will find out what the words “hard competition” really means. The mobile industry really now how to get out products fast, if Apple should move as fast as they do they should have introduce the iPhone 2005 (in my opinion).
If they use the iPhone to connect with their fans and become ONE with them they could: Be come bigger than and Easy be faster than CNN if they want to tape into the citizen journalism with their fans. And if they like they can become a human But first Steve Jobs have to iPhone me Stefan Engeseth at +46 704 44 33 54