iDie, iVersion, iPod, iLife, iReport, iRobot, iEtc

Published by on juli 7, 2008 at 9:41 f m

iStrange it is with al this iApple wannabes that are making their iVersion of everything. There is today an iVersion of everything. iWonder when the first funeral business will open an iDie shop. iImagine that the offer will be something like this:

iDie – what songs will you bring into your grab on the  iPod we include in our funerals.

Then after that will it be a lot of PR with famous stars – how have with their iDie song list. Witch are the most creasy iVersion you seen? Next step could be to have a website where ifriends could choose songs for you – online to your iDie iPod… music iforever in an iStrange way.