How ONE is your market today?

Published by on september 20, 2005 at 9:39 e m

Take a look at the world around you and your market’s place it. Since your situation is unique, the fields in the illustration have been left blank. The diagram has two axes: one is how far x is from his customers and the other is how market-oriented the company is. Plotting these two coordinates helps you find your place on the ONE map and to see who is the dolphin and who is the shark on the transparent market before you start your ONE work.

Now, position the following industries on the diagram using A1 to symbolize the consumer and B1 to symbolize the company representative.

1. The auto industry
2. Electronics
3. Food
4. BtoB in other industries
5. Banks
6. Insurance
7. Hotel and travel industry
8. Housing
9. Your company
10. The company you would like to start using ONE

Discuss the exercise with friends, colleagues and customers. Identify the opportunities for changing the market. If there a significant gap between how companies act and how you would like to market to be, then there are huge market shares waiting for you and your company.