How copy products can rule

Published by on oktober 15, 2006 at 11:54 f m

Management that not is focusing on their history is more future oriented. They have more time focusing on how to become the original for consumers (there is a big gap to fill when big companies are to stiff to listen an develop).

Copy brands will soon deliver not only cheaper product, but also a better product with more consumer value and innovative level (this will work with the speed of light that a positive consumer power offers).

The way brands and product develop is to be adoptive with their consumers. This means that brands that interact and learn will rule. Look at the development of the software industry and compare it with the car industry. If they should shift the learning levels of what they perform – cars should fly in the sky and be easily be updated to become more environment friendly and more stuff that we yet haven’t seen but are waiting for. I have to give credit to the Asia car manufactures that started out as copy products and today make the rest of the word look as a museum. Toyota is with their new environment cars driving the business to the future. The point is that they al started to copy, than learn and now rule the car industry. This is the same way you and I started to learn how to walk before we now how to run. To many companies don’t move and learn how to run to new places.

A case that shows how the copy can rule!
If you create a purse or a perfume for Yves Saint Laurent, you can in all likelihood smuggle them into stores that are only set up to detect people taking things out of the store. When the customer then buys them and people see them on the street, they will start asking for these products. Someone who actually did this was Ito Morabito, a 21-year-old Frenchman who created fake products for real brands. He placed ads on the Internet that attracted customers who liked what they saw and wanted to buy the fake products. The real brands had no choice but to work with the young designer. Currently, “Ora Ito”, as he is known today, creates designs for brands such as Heineken, Swatch, and for his own exhibition in Milan where he caters to his own fans.
Ora Ito is fond of saying, “Make your dream happen.” So when will we see your products or your customers’ products on the market?