H&M design by Al Gore

Published by on april 25, 2007 at 11:14 f m

First H&M moved their brand with designers as Lagerfeldt, Viktor & Rolf and now with artist like Madonna. I think the next one should be Al Gore. He could get the best star designers in the world to help him out. At the same time when they are designing the clothes they will learn how to make sustainable fashion. A sort of “we are the design word” that also will save it. In one campaign this is goes from grassroots level to a global shop infrastructure with H&M, so consumer can do more than watch a movie. Off course some % of the money should go to a green foundation, but money is only one of many dimensions to change the world. The suppliers of sustainable fashion and the trendy designers can do a road trips in nature to understand. H&M can in their advertising commercial and PR make a small version of Al Gores film “An Inconvenient Truth.” This will send a massage to the fashion industry: Survival is not a trend!
Fashion is for many people a way of saying how you are. If you shop Al Gore fashion at H&M, it will be visible what you stand fore and that you ARE making a change for the world. This signal will build a global tribe where Al Gore is the chief. But why stop there? This could be a movement. Here are some ideas to start the action of the movement. In every clothes that H&M is selling includes a password, that can be use in Second Life. Ore H&M and Al Gore can make a new version of Second Life called “Real Life”. If you then activate your password you become an avatar in this world. If H&M puts a RFID chip in the clothes that can consumers can connect with their computers. Then you can become an avatar in “real life.” If consumer can control what the chip is doing it wont feel as a spychip. This if for me web 4.0 where we connect Internet with offline. This means that “real life” a leave the traditional computer (at least the computer screen). When you are your personal avatar means that you are online where ever you are walking in town ore nature. Online can you get a mission to work with like in the game World of War Craft. But this mission can also be offline, when you are walking with your Al Gore design clothes. It can be a mission from other avatars ore a mission direct from Al Gore (to save the world for real!). In the control panel can you choice what should happen when you walk in an H&M store: What kind of service do you like to get in the shop? Who would you like to talk with (Madonna, Al Gore ore a “special avatar shop assistant”)? Do you like to hold a lecture about sustainability in the shop? Design a shop window (ore stand for a day as model in it?). Letting them now if it is your birthday (Earth day)? Ore whatever that makes a difference. Now is the time to do things instead of arguing what is the right to do we have to understand that were on Titanic and it will go underwater soon. So my question is would you like to join me in a catwalk for fashion with H&M and Al Gore? This could be a big catwalk in media and also marathons from cities in to the nature we want to save.
I don’t have time enough write more now, have to run to a lecture I am holding today. It is for Swedish Trade Federation (Svensk Handel), the topic is based on my book ONE but with focus on how the consumer revolution can dress consumers in sustainable clothes (hope I will meet H&M there).

Update 26 April: Swedish media (newspapers and television TV4) did interviews. Press clip from BT and the Gothenburg Post (in Swedish).

Update 12 May: H&M green logo.