Back to basic even for Microsoft

Published by on april 28, 2009 at 7:02 e m

The first day of Gulltaggen in Norway was really nice. My hero of the day was Matias from Farfar. He is a big name in Sweden but internationally he is the Elvis of the new media world. Here is a good one-liner from the “king:”

Being humble is not a good way of driving change.
Matias Palm Jensen, Creative President, Farfar

Microsoft is not a humble brand in anyway – but for shore a successful corporation. Speaker Gerry McGovern did mention that they have 10 million web pages but 3 million of them have never got a single visiter! He did point out that “It’s not a Long Tail, it’s a dead zone.” One thing I never will understand is that we always talk about different countries online while Internet is global. Here is a good point in that dimension: “You can’t do anything today without being global, you can not choose were the users are from.” Lars Bastholm, Chief Digital Creative Officer, Ogilvy North America.

Many times I miss the strategic dimension in the “hot consumer engagement trends” presented. The problem is well summed up with this point:

Most brands don’t know what they stand for.
Yoni Kish, Group VP Strategy, McCann Erickson Israel

Yoni also did point out the fact that we have to go back to basic. On the one hand most speakers agreed on going back to basic, focus on key features offered to consumers and on the other hand try new stuff, let go of control and let the consumers really show you what work’s and not.

I look forward for the next day’s seminar with speakers as Chris Anderson and Seth Godin.